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Freshly Ground Wheat Berries

Any recipe with whole grain Einkorn wheat is freshly ground just before mixing the dough.

Spring Water

We only use spring water--clean, clear and bottled at the source. No tap or filtered water here!

Sea Salt

Real sea salt which is mined right here in the USA.

Pastured Eggs

I get our eggs from our local farmers market. They are pasture raised, meaning the chickens are not trapped in a small 2-foot square, but are free to walk around, scratch, and pick for worms and other bugs, as well as seeds. Healthier chickens and eggs means higher nutritional value in every category for you.

Grass-Fed Butter

This butter is delicious! This comes from cows raised the old fashioned way in organic fields (sustainable). They eat grass from the pasture all year long, as their diet was intended.

Pastured Lard

This type of cooking fat has been proven to be very healthy, more closely aligned to unsaturated fat similar to olive oil, and supports brain and heart health. These pigs are raised on the pasture, eating a natural diet--no junk! The company that processes this lard renders the fat the old-fashioned, kettle-cooked way to retain all that good nutrition.

Grass-Fed Buttermilk

Just like our butter, our source for buttermilk raises their cows on large grassy fields so the cows can eat what nature intended! This is a wonderful, small company who makes the healthiest dairy products. This buttermilk is gently pasteurized in small batches, but not homogenized. That means the fat particles are not damaged--they can remain whole and healthy, supporting your heart, brain, eyes, and blood vessels.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar comes from the flower of the coconut tree. It can be used just like white sugar, but, when processed gently, it has a very low glycemic index--meaning it will not cause a spike in your blood sugar like normal, processed white sugar. This means we can enjoy sweet breads, and other lightly sweetened foods and reap the nutritional benefits of the organic ingredients, without worrying about our immunity or inflammation.

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