Are you sensitive to gluten?

So many people these days are discovering that they feel better when they are not consuming gluten. Unfortunately, they then turn to highly processed gluten-free packaged foods. Thankfully, in my own quest for health, I have discovered Einkorn wheat--nature's original wheat--grown organically in Italy. Now I want to share this nutritious superfood in the form of real bread and other homemade bakery goods with you. All organic, and easily digestible.

Heather Clausen

Einkorn wheat field


iHeart Einkorn exists to bring wholesome traditional foods, revolving around the ancient wheat, einkorn, to people searching for health and vitality through food.

Heather's Story

I grew up eating all the new processed foods from the 1980's and 90's. Little did I know that would have a detrimental effect on my health for the rest of my life. As a new adult, I desperately struggled to figure out what was wrong with me--usually hormonal. It effected my energy, fertility, and well-being. It became a passion of mine as I eventually was able to have children. I wanted them to grow up with healthy, homemade food and not struggle like I had. After going gluten- and sugar-free in order to deal with yet another health issue, I came across an article discussing what einkorn wheat was and some of the science regarding it--not only that it is good for us, but is, in fact, a super food!

My hope for the business from the beginning has been to give a truly healthy, nourishing meal to everyone who comes through my doors. My recipes will remain handmade, homemade, small batch using farm-to-table organic, pasture-raised ingredients. It is my mission to raise the bar of retail food companies, so that the ingredients are top of the line. Not just better than before, but the best.

I have been very fortunate to have recently connected with another small company who makes bone broth and komboucha from scratch. I now have a wholesale order from them that will begin soon. With retail, wholesale, and online customers, I hope to have some influence in how people eat and think about food.

I started this business for my 2 girls. My hope is that the income I earn from iHeart Einkorn can support them as they grow, as well as be a good example of what can be gained through hard work and determination. If I can do it, they can too!

Ripe einkorn, just before harvest


My family loves your pumpkin bread! I will be there next Sunday market  at the Long Beach Marina to pick up some more - how fabulous. You are a talented baker!


We bought the sourdough bread and the little blueberry hand pie today at the LB Farmers’ Mkt. Just wanted to tell you the pie is delicious. I rarely ever buy baked goods because the ingredients aren’t quality and they are way too sweet. Thanks for capping my Mother’s Day with such a great treat!


I tried the olive oil sandwich loaf first, and it was everything I liked about the artisan loaf, plus some extra softness. My only issue now is that I'm totally addicted.


We all enjoyed your apple pie. So fresh & lots of cinnamon & apples. . Thank you so much for making our dessert time so special & yummy!


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